How Rent to Own Works

Owning a home is truly the American Dream. Buying a home can be a difficult process, especially for those with poor credit, no credit and/or a limited amount to invest. A Lease to Own, also known as Rent to Own, Option may be just for you! Based on your individual criteria, we can be very creative with financing and fit it to your needs. We are not loan brokers, bankers, real estate agents or selling homes for someone else, we are the owners or we have a legal equitable interest in the property.

Looking to Rent to Own?

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Trouble Getting a Mortgage?

Approximately 82% of the market cannot qualify TODAY for financing. That is a National number that is not improving. Alternatively, other buyers with good credit are looking for a way to buy now while they save more instead of renting while they save. Yet another group of people need seasoning as self-employed individuals.The typically term needed to get a buyer “mortgage ready” in our Rent-to-Own Program is 12 to 24 months.

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About Us:

Renewed Residences, LLC. are not real estate brokers or agents. Renewed Residences, LLC. is a real estate investment company. All properties are either owned by Renewed Residences, LLC. or the company has a purchase contract and/or option with the owner of the property, which Renewed Residences, LLC. may assign to third parties. Renewed Residences, LLC. is not a real estate brokerage and does not provide realtor services to the public, or to any of the parties to which it has contractual relationships.