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Are You a Frustrated Seller?

  • Want to get the most for your property?
  • Can’t afford the realtor commissions or don’t want to pay them?
  • Behind on your payments,or close to it?
  • Owe more than what the house is worth?
  • Tired of turning your life upside down for every showing?
  • Need monthly income out of the property but DON’T want to be a landlord?

(We’ve seen and worked with all of these and more!)
Most of our sellers have mortgages,some don’t. Some are in tough situations,some aren’t. Whatever your situation is,if your home is a good fit for us and our terms are a good fit for you, we can move fast. We buy homes on terms and we’d like to talk to you about yours!

How a Lease Purchase Works

Sell Your House Without the Headache

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Are You a Frustrated Buyer?

It can take time to get mortgage-ready. And if you face credit issues or
other hurdles,it can seem impossible. Study show that the majority of
buyers in the market CAN’T go to a bank to get traditional financing*.
Are you:

  • Self-employed?
  • New to your job?
  • Recovering from credit mistakes?
  • No credit–just starting out?
  • Paying off bills,medical debt or student loans?
  • Sick and tired of renting?

(We’ve worked with all of that,and more.)
We understand you need more time because we’ve been there. We work with buyers just like you,hard-working people who dream of a home of your own,a place to put down roots and make memories. If you’re serious about buying a home,it’s possible for you to be in a home in 30days through our rent-to-own program. At RenewedResidences,LLCour rent-to-own process allows you move in to a home WHILE you improve your credit and prepare for a mortgage!

How Rent to Own Works

Rent to Own Real Estate Specialist

We are not real estate agents,bankers or loan brokers who get paid to find you a loan. We are the owner of some lovely
homes that are available for purchase in various ways including lease to own.