Sell Your House

We buy properties in any condition or situation. We are not real estate agents, so we don’t want to list your house. We want to buy it.  We can advise you on the best approach to sell your home quickly within your unique situation. We buy houses in any condition, regardless why they are for sale.

We are active property buyers. If your property meets our needs, we would like to buy it soon. We are not afraid of properties that require repairs. Regardless of the condition of your house or your current situation, we would like to learn more about your property.

We are also well networked with other active buyers. This means we can help with properties that don’t match our current needs. There is no risk and no obligation on your part so please tell us about your property.

Looking for Selling Options?

We can buy homes all cash with a quick close, but that is typically for distressed property, at a deep discount. For property that is in great shape (which is 95% of what we purchase), we purchase it via a lease/purchase or owner financing (depending upon your underlying mortgage(s).

If you have a mortgage, we can buy your house through a lease purchase, subject to the existing financing. We lock in your equity, predetermined ahead of time and will not change. You pay no commissions, or closing cost, which allows you to net in most cases between 3-15% more than selling on the market with a realtor or FSBO in most cases! 



An Assignment Lease Option is another option that is attractive to some sellers as it allows the home owner to maintain control of the property, and sell on Lease-to-Own option.  Unlike a Lease Purchase or Owner Finance, in an Assignment Lease Option, the seller will maintain title of the property.  We assign a Tenant Buyer who needs time to become mortgage ready to you on a definitive term date and price. As a team, we’ve worked with hundreds of sellers in Texas sell their home with a lease option.  Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about our Assignment Lease Option.

If you do not have a mortgage, and are open to taking payments for your equity, an owner financing option may be good for you as we often are able to pay a premium for the property!


What Property do you want to sell?