Looking for Selling Options at Full Market Value?

The market is constantly changing and in order to get Top Dollar for your property, sometimes you’ve got to change with it and be aware of your options.

Approximately 82% of the market cannot qualify TODAY for financing. If you are selling with a Realtor or by owner, you are only marketing to 18%+- of the market. A smaller pool of buyers will obviously produce a lower price.

We can buy homes all cash with a quick close, but that is typically for distressed property, at a deep discount. For property that is in great shape (which is 95% of what we purchase), we purchase it via a lease/purchase or owner financing (depending upon your underlying mortgage(s).

What is a Lease Purchase?

If you have a mortgage, we can buy your house through a lease purchase, subject to the existing financing. We lock in your equity, predetermined ahead of time and will not change. You pay no commissions, or closing cost, which allows you to net around 3-15% more than selling on the market with a realtor in most cases! If you  don’t have a mortgage currently, we can even pay a premium  on your property!

About Us:

We are NOT Realtors offering a service and you will not pay us any fees. We actually buy homes from $100,000 and up. 


Lease Purchase vs. Owner Financing?

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